Our parents, Paul and Marcelene Gauger, died too early in our lives. We have missed Dad and Mom for several years, and have been saddened that most of our children did not have the blessing of these wonderful grandparents in their lives. We are creating this blog to write some of our memories, organize photos, and share thoughts of our loving parents and their family. In doing so, it is our wish that our children, grandchildren, extended family, and friends may understand our love for our parents and our family. As King Benjamin taught, our parents lived: "...ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another." Mosiah 4:15. This truth, love and service are the legacy of Paul and Marcelene Gauger.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

For Father's Day...A Tribute to My Great Dad, Paul Gauger

I miss my wonderful Dad and I think of him and all he did for me throughout my life every year on Father's Day. On honor of him and to share what a great man he was, I am posting this poem I wrote and sent to him 31 years ago for Father's Day.

“The Special Man God Gave To Me As Dad”
(Written for Father’s Day June 1978 by Daughter, Linda Gauger Clark)

Before my life on this earth began,
I can imagine myself wanting the Heavenly plan
To come to earthly parents, for I could probably see,
What a special place God had just for me.

I know He must have known and sensed my eager call,
To be one of “daddy’s little girls” to that handsome man, Paul,
And that hope long fulfilled has always made me glad
Knowing the special man God gave to me as Dad.

I joined the Gauger family as baby number three
And really gave a good shake to our family tree.
For, even when I toddled, I refused maternal changing,
And thought “Daddy do it” was the best thing I could be arranging.
That young, I sensed the patience of eternity he had,
I began to love the special man God gave to me as Dad.

When storm clouds would send their claps of thunder,
I ran to his comforting arms and huddled under.
Yet, I’d hold the flashlight when I grew taller,
Behind my Dad at night, hunting night crawlers!
Soon those kinds of things didn’t seem so very bad,
I learned to trust the special man God gave to me as Dad.

The occasion of the Daddy-Daughter dates while still in Primary
Were fun for Dad and me, and a little scary?
For I remember telling everyone that not even Fred Astaire
Could match up to my Daddy, he was the best dancer there!
And as I danced on top of Daddy’s shoes, as was the fad,
I was proud of that special man God gave to me as Dad.

Dressed in uniform, complete with neckerchief and a smile,
He was the strength of those mountains he’d take his scouts hiking a mile.
He’d use his summer vacation to teach his Boy Scouts well,
To hunt, to fish and cook ‘round the campfires of Maple Dell.
But when he’d have to leave me home and I was a little sad,
I realized how unselfish he was, the man God gave to me as Dad.

Always working hard, a builder with nail and tack,
He fashioned with much love our camper, the Wicky-Wac.
Bright and early, we could hardly wait to get out of the garage
To get to Huntington fishing and a visit to Curley’s lodge.
Not only did I learn to fish and make the pot-guts mad,
I learned to love God’s creations from the man He gave to me as Dad.

Through my growing years, the times I needed someone there
To attend piano recitals, or give approval when I cut my hair,
He was always there…to chat as we would walk,
I could always see his beaming face when I gave a 2 ½ minute talk.
When I’d lay in bed, I could utter a weak command
For the blessings of the Priesthood, through my Dad’s strong hands.

I remember feeling so proud when I finally turned eight
Because my Dad baptized and confirmed me, it was great!
And my testimony grew, such faith in God I had
Because I learned the gospel from that special man, my Dad.

When grown, I always wanted someone for my mate,
Who had these qualities I’ve written about, that God chose to create
In that wonderful man, my Father, who raised me with such care.
I’ve always felt so lucky to have found one to compare.
I’ll always remember the words he said when Dale asked for my hand,
“If you love her half as much as I, then yes, I’ll understand.”

Yes, the strength of a mountain, the comforting arm of night,
The unselfish service given, teaching everyone what is right.
The patience of eternity, sensing a family need,
Being such a great Grandfather to each new little seed.
One can see why I love him and why I’m so glad
To have this special man God gave to me as Dad!


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  1. I love to hear you talk about your dad! I would have loved to have known him